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Commercial Hail Damage Repair in Richmond

Our Richmond Heating Company has been working closely with a large chain of businesses that have extensive RTU (Roof Top Unit) damage from hail. We have communicated with their insurance company and worked further with an HVAC investigator. The bid was accepted, the work approved and we are now awaiting extensive shipments.

We are currently prepping the site for pending work. Damaged coils have been removed and we combed some fins with lesser damage. RTU's at numerous locations will be having their coils replaced.

The new coils will have hail guards added.

Specifics of Commercial Hail Damage Repair in Richmond

  • Hail Damage Repair
  • Commercial HVAC
  • Damaged RTU's (Roof Top Units)
  • Coil Replacement
  • Hail Guard Installation

Map of Commercial Hail Damage Repair in Richmond

Richmond, KY

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