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Home Tips from Your Richmond Heating & Air Conditioning Company

Cool or Warm Mist – Which of These Richmond Humidifiers Should You Choose?

For people living in areas where the temperature gets bone-chilling, using an air humidifier in Richmond can improve the indoor air quality. When it gets too cold the humidity in the air drops to unhealthy levels, when the humidity in the air drops below 30 percent it can cause a myriad of health issues, like […]

The Benefits of Air Cleaners in Richmond

According to experts, indoor air could be more polluted compared to the air outside the house. This is a surprising fact and is contrary to common belief that outdoor air contains more pollutants from car and industry emissions. Thus, households are recommended to install air cleaners. Today, such fixtures could be considered as necessities. Health-conscious […]

Best Air Cleaners in Richmond

It is said that air purifiers are programmed to eliminate harmful particles and filter air pollutants inside the building especially if the building has been there for decades. It doesn’t mean that a room is safe because it is fully air conditioned. Dust often accumulates in closed areas, thus the interior of a building must […]

Refrigerant and Air Conditioning in Richmond

We have all heard the myth: If your A/C is not working well, all you need is a little more freon. However the myth of refrigerant being the be all end all of fixing air conditioning units. Adding refrigerant does not necessarily mean your air conditioning is going to work better. Some HVAC contractors may […]

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